Think Rolling stones in Italian Vogue 1969, think Botticelli and Caravaggio, think Katharine Hepburn and David Bowie. Heavily inspired by all things romantic and vintage, Anna Cordell creates clothing that is never dull and always unique. Keeping garments made to order from fabrics sourced locally, customers often end up with a piece that is a unique one- off, or at most part of a very small run of clothing. Once the fabric sourced is gone, it’s gone.

“Occasionally I’ll even come across some vintage fabric and just purchase it to add to my collection. I’ve made it difficult for myself I suppose, I so often get told, “keep it simple!” but it’s that moment of inspiration I get when I see a new material and all it’s potential that keeps me going. I just love the hunt, and seeing customers getting something that feels really personal to them”

Seasons are not adhered to — clothing is created when the mood comes, some garments stay on, some go. The rules are out! Pauses are taken to spend time with family, to delve deeply into music, to write, to play, and this way, all this clothing continues to be made with love.


Anna Cordell is a designer and musician from Melbourne with a background in Vintage clothing. She has five beautiful daughters and has a strong will to push back against a culture of waste and fast consumption both in her world of clothing and in music. After working in the vintage trade for years, Anna has a keen understanding of the level of waste in the industry, but also, what makes a garment last.

“I think people often mistake ‘classic’ clothing for ‘safe staples’ we need all of those, but really, a classic garment is a thing that has in innate beauty and interest that transcends fleeting trends, something that a person can feel they connect to, so when they wear it, they feel they are expressing something of themselves and therefore feel confident and proud to wear it again and again.”

Anna’s clothing is all created locally and ethically here in Melbourne and is heavily influenced by her personal vintage collection built over years of both owning her own stores and acting as a vintage buyer and designer for national retailers. All of the clothing is also greatly inspired by the music community and the eras her own songs is most influenced by; the 70s and the 90s.

“I find working locally the simplest way to work ethically, some of the people who help me create these garments have now been friends for over 10 years, we were still in contact even when I took years off to be with my daughters and make music. Nothing can beat the kind of respect and trust that is built over time like that and it means these garments are made with real care, from a community of friends who want to help one another. When I was presented with a suit made by my friend Dung, it was made so beautifully, I asked him what his secret was, he just said, “I make with love”.