Custom made suiting



 Anna Cordell has been designing and refining the signature silhouettes, feel and fabric of her suits for close to a decade.

Preserving the vanishing art of high end tailoring and the tradition that the quality of a garment is synonymous with the quality of life of its maker. 

The Process 
Clients book a fitting to begin the creation of a custom made suit in
our Northcote Flagship Store.
Find a fitting here. 

During their 40 minute fitting, each client chooses:
The style of their suit from Anna Cordell’s Signature Silhouettes
The most comfortable size and fit for both pant and jacket
The look and feel from Anna’s curated range of fabrics and colours
The tailored measurements of the wrist, hem and waist.                                                                  

In alliance with our commitment to slow fashion,
we have a 10 week turn around from fitting to collection.
Please keep this in mind when planning for special occasions. To respect the final quality of your garment and the quality
of life of our expert tailors, we do not accept orders that pressure this turn-around time. 
A $100 deposit is required to book a fitting and is deducted from the final figure.

*Dreaming of a piece outside of Anna's Signature Silhouettes? 
For clients with a milestone event, a special performance, or a lifelong desire for their own creation, we offer Couture collaboration.
This involved process blends our client's creative vision, with Anna's particular je ne sais quoi, resulting in a completely new pattern and design.
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We look forward to creating your beautiful custom made suit at our Northcote Flagship store, please find a fitting here. 

Anna Cordell's Signature Silhouettes