Anna Cordell

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Our range is dedicated to ethically made, slow fashion. Garments are made either in very limited quantity or made to order. This avoids the waste often associated with large production lines.  

Each fabric is sourced, and each garment is sewn here in Melbourne.

With a past in both design and vintage clothing, Anna has created a range inspired by the local music industry and all things 70's, with a modern twist. Garments are not dictated by seasons...some styles will come and go, some will stay as staples, re- energised by seasonal fabrics and the speciality of one- off materials.  

These pieces are made locally by expert hands especially for the customer. Anna designs and then collaborates with friends Vanessa- a local fashion graduate, tailor and designer, Dung, originally a tailor in Vietnam who has spent years working with a myriad of international clothing labels, and Kala, who brings originality, creativity and expertise from Sri Lanka. Our clothing is not mass produced, but made lovingly by skilled people. This has become a dying art in our country.

We are a small team with a huge enthusiasm for quality, creativity and the art of beautiful clothing made to be loved for a long time.