Born of music, inspired by the classics the hand-sewn custom made garments of Anna Cordell's label are designed for lovers of style and substance, as comfortable on the dance floor as they are in the boardroom.  

In 2019, musician Anna Cordell stepped on stage in a casual olive green corduroy suit she'd made for the occasion. Accompanying her 1972 guitar, the garment became a uniform and an armour, the antithesis to the vulnerability of live performance. After other musicians, writers, stylists, actors and politicians starting ordering their very own suits, Anna Cordell used her years of experience in vintage buying to officially launch her namesake clothing label. 

Her velvet, corduroy, silk and linen garments are soaked in the values of the rock n roll generation, those of the 60s and 70s who valued innovation and individuality in fashion whilst still respecting the traditional art of high end tailoring. If one adds a little of Bianca Jagger’s meticulousness, Leonard Cohen’s effortlessness and David Bowie’s, well, David Bowieness, one gets close to the feel of an Anna Cordell piece. It was when Anna immersed herself in the fabrics and patterns of the time and location of her father's birth, pre-Islamic revolution Iran that she felt she had even further finessed her signature style. 

Classic whilst being contemporary, think wide lapels, high waisted sailor cut trousers and genderless lace shirts. Dream of three piece tailored cropped suits giddy to be teamed with gogo boots, ethereal bulbous silk sleeved tops and velvet turtlenecks peaking out from shimmering silk slips. Her pieces live as comfortably in 1969 London, 1972 Tehran and 1977 Manhattan as they do in 2022 Melbourne. 

Like any classic album, it is not just style, but substance that marks an Anna Cordell garment. Slowly designed and made in Melbourne, Australia, each piece is hand cut and hand sewn by a team of expert tailors working within 20km of Anna's Flagship Northcote store. Working locally is the simplest way to work ethically. 
Creating a label built on custom made suits and releasing only limited edition boutique collections that reject traditional fashion seasons means our one of a kind creations waste little to no fabric. Upholding the core ethos of Anna Cordell clothing; the quality of a garment is synonymous with the quality of life of its maker. 

We'd love to design your custom made suit at our Northcote Atelier.  Find a fitting here.